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Learning Objects

Join ZooGee, Bryon and Matteo learning a variety of different objects.

Count to 10

Learn to count from 1 to 10 in this delightful animated video using boats and planes.

Adding with Bryon

Adding numbers, 1 + 1, 2 + 1, etc. Have fun with Bryon of Wee Bee World counting blue giraffes and green monkeys! Great educational video for toddlers and preschool children teaching basic math!

Learning Colors with Peggy

Learn basic colors with Peggy while she flys thru space in her sparkling pink spaceship ... "green" monkeys, "blue" girraffes and much more!

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"Learning Together!" educational movie for children.
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"Learning is Fun!" educational movie for children.
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Chakra 8GB Green Monkey USB Flash Drive load with "Learning is Fun!" and "Learning Together" movies and more!
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