Our Puppets



Proud to be different and extremely proud of his bright orange hair, ZooGee loves to have fun and laugh. He enjoys riding his bike and drawing really cool pictures in art class.


DuWayne loves to wear his blonde mohawk hair standing straight up.  He enjoys  playing sports  and likes to exercise everyday. He loves his blue skin and goes crazy for sneakers.


His full name is Rutherford "Bryon" Smith. Bryon is at the top of his class and loves learning. He is proud to be an "A" student.   He also likes making new friends and helping his fellow classmates with their homework.  Doing well in school is fun and rewarding for Bryon!

Ms. Gomez

As a teacher at Wee Bee World Elementary School, Ms. Gomez loves  teaching her students new and interesting lessons each and every school day.


Proud of her raspy voice, pink hair and freckles, Peggy loves to shop at all the amazing stores located  in her home town of New York City.

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"Learning is Fun!" educational movie for children.
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